Everything we are, we are because of food.

About US

Hi there! We are Frederika and Michelle and we love food. Join us on our flavour journey, as we make and share the recipes we love.

The inspiration for An Ode to FOOD came one lazy Saturday afternoon over drinks, after a challenging food shoot for Frederika's pop-up restaurant. Tired but satisfied (and maybe a little tipsy), we both realised that this blog would be the perfect platform for us to experiment with and live out our love of good food.

It's a cliche for a reason, but food brings people together like very little else in this world. New friendships have been born over a sandwich. Body and mind have been mended with a simple bone broth. Long feuds have been laid to rest with a batch of brownies.

Second to food might be the kitchen table, and that is where we eat what we make, plan and dream about the future, and celebrate this thing called life. We invite you to join us at this virtual kitchen table as we pay homage to all the things that make our mouths and bellies happy.

If you'd like to collaborate with us in real life, please mail us at odetofood.info@gmail.com

All pictures on the blog are taken by Michelle, unless noted otherwise. All recipes are developed by Frederika, unless noted otherwise.

 This is us from way back, when we were still students.

This is us from way back, when we were still students.

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