Our Friends: Spier Secret Festival JHB

Recently, we were lucky enough to attend the Spier Secret Festival hosted at the Nando's HQ in JHB. The day was all about discovering the links between food and culture, as well as how some of the speakers have formed their identities around food. 

Some highlights included the talk from Marie Aoun, who taught us how valuable your nose can be when it comes to the enjoyment of your food and how actually smells contribute far more than we think to taste. 

The wine tasting by the absolute master that is Frans Smit, who took us through the Spier Creative Block. This was not your everyday wine tasting, which can be stuffy let's admit, instead the experience was far more playful, which is really how drinking wine should be. 

"when blindfolded, most people have difficulty telling milk from wine from Fanta"

Then finally, Ash Heeger, where to start, from the homey yet fresh lunch to her chilled but energetic talk there was just some much to be inspired by. However, it was the ice cream sandwiches that really just made us fall in love. Ash Heeger is our newest foodie girl crush and  if you get the chance you NEED to make a booking at her restaurant ASH in Cape Town. 

This event embodied a philosophy we strongly believe in, being that food brings people together. Beyond the knowledge gained and the incredible tasting, this day was for us was really about the people met and the conversations had all because of a love for food. 





Frederika & Michelle