An Ode To Figs

Juicy, sweet and in season; we simply can't get enough of figs right now. So much so, that we decided to name them our main inspiration for this month's recipes.

Did you know that figs aren't actually fruits, but flowers? The meaty pink centre of the fig is really its blooms, and it may also be the best edible flowers out there.

 Photo by our guest Charlotte Heyn aka @lieweheksie

Photo by our guest Charlotte Heyn aka @lieweheksie

In celebration of our food of the month and after a 6-hour figgy cook-a-thon. We set up our very own Trattoria de Blanket Fort - really only a washing line covered with a sheet, but it created an amazing atmosphere. Then all that was left to do was invite some of our amazing friends (Charlotte - @lieweheksie, Kory - @escapeforreason and Shelia-Madge - @sheliamadgedesign) and feast!

On the menu was a trio of fig-loaded bruchetta, some fig and frangipani pies, a galette de rois and fig-infused cocktails. Our good friend Berdene Burger - @berdenevandiedak joined us in the kitchen and inspired us with an incredibly beautiful and tasty gluten free Bunt cake and home made gluten free pot stickers, that were also added to the table.

Figs aren't only tasty and so damn beautiful, they pack a punch of healthy goodness too. They can even help lower your blood pressure. This is a very important fact (you can thank us later) that you'll constantly need to remind yourself of for the rest of summer, as you devour plates and plates of figs served any way imaginable - with cheese, in pastries, drowning in honey, mixed with double cream yoghurt, dried, candied, by the box, by the boatload... oh, may it never end!

You know what they say - 'tis the season to be figgy. Our diets can start in autumn.



Frederika & Michelle