Figs on the Braai

Braaied figs are a revelation! The balance between the caramelised sweetness of the centre combined with the charred, smokey flavour of the outside creates a new and delicious twist on figs à la Francis Mallman.  

Add them to salads, serve them on bruschetta with blue cheese and honey, or as an appetiser with goat cheese and prosciutto. The possibilities are endless. 


1 teaspoon Salted Butter, melted

1 punnet Fresh figs (300-500g)

Sea salt flakes


  1. Melt butter in a pan, remove from heat. Toss halved (lengthways) figs in butter until lightly coated. Add a little more butter if necessary. 
  2. Clean your hot grill with a halved orange (we can't stand the idea of using an onion and then adding figs on top) Place figs cut side down, and cover with a pot lid, or if you're braai-ing on gas, close the top. Check on figs in two-minute increments until they smell of caramelised sugar and are charred on the sides. 
  3. Remove from the heat and let it cool down to room temperature, before serving. Or have them warm off the grill, just don't burn your tongue!

SERVING SUGGESTION: Bruschetta with Grilled Figs, Blue Cheese and Honey


A traveller and foodie at heart, Frederika loves to recreate and combine the dishes she's discovered in her travels. Her favourite dishes include ramen, mac & cheese, confit de canard, and a plate of fresh carbonara.