Our Friends: Kitchen Aid & Ma Mère Confections

Hello and Welcome Back Everyone!

Hope the festive season was as good to you and your belly, as it was too us! 

Our year kicked off a little more special than usual (which indicates good things for 2017), we won some prizes!! There's nothing better than winning, and this amazing prize was no exception! So you'll have to excuse us if we want to brag a little. 

At the end of 2016, we went to the fantastic Kamers Vol market in Irene, mainly for the amazing food that can be sampled there. They had everything from your classic sandwich to calamari and chips, a treat if you don't live near the sea. Yet, what we enjoyed most was the selection of treats for that sweet tooth. 

One of the favourites of that selection had to be Ma Mère Confections, known for their melt in your mouth macarons. Everything at the Ma Mère stand from salted caramel popcorn and peanut brittle to the nougat, is completely handmade and completely delicious! It was at their stand that we noticed they were running a competition along with Kitchen Aid and all you had to do was snap a photo. 

Shocked and grateful to have won such an amazing prize, we can't wait to dive in and start using everything. We may even attempt a macaron or two of our own!

We'll be running some competitions of our own this year because we'd love to share that winning feeling with everyone so keep an eye out! Another thing to be on the look out for is our first recipes of 2017, which will be coming soon! 

Let us know of any ideas you may for us to use our new utensils for! 




Frederika & Michelle