The Fat Barista (Review)

When we're not in the kitchen, cooking up something delicious, then we're definitely out on the streets looking for something delicious. Thankfully Pretoria is continuously offering up new places to go try amazing new food, so it is with great joy that I introduce you to the newest kid on the block - Fat Barista!

If I say this is the newest kid on the block then I'm really not joking - the place has only been open few weeks! But nothing about the food or service would give that away; Fat Barista runs like it's been open for years but within a fresh space. It's got all the instagram-worthy elements you could ask for!


The menu is simplistic, which is quite frankly a breath of fresh air, as I'm often left quite overwhelmed by options at many other restaurants. They cover all the breakfast basics and there are options for everyone, from those on a diet to those looking to treat themselves. You are definitely sorted for lunch with burgers and my personal favourite the Poke Bowls (something I haven't really seen anywhere else). 


Then of course being a barista and the Fat Barista at that, having a coffee is an absolute must! They have gone through a lot of effort to source the highest quality coffee beans and you can definitely taste it! Any coffee lover should definitely make the effort to swing by! Also coffee in a chocolate cone, do I even have to say anymore?!


If you've been to the Fat Barista or know of another place we should get our butts to, leave a comment below!

Address: 298 Serene Street, Garsfontein, Pretoria

Contact: 012 348 2318


Photographer and passionate amateur baker, Michelle is the queen of esthetics. Her favourite foods include tacos, ice cream, and Sunday Roast.